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The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead - Max Brooks Half realistic survival guide (with a zombie twist), half fictional accounts of zombie outbreaks, this book is a mixed bag.

For someone already as paranoid as myself, it's fairly depressing to have it hammered home just how much in the way of resources you need to truly be prepared for the end of the world. Just bear that in mind before you pick this book up if you have a tendency to fret over whether or not your basement of canned food will be enough to see you through - it won't. The survival section is definitely aimed at those zombie fans who, however much they may laugh it off when ribbed about it, deep down have a genuine fear of an undead uprising. Whilst I found a lot of useful survival info here, it did get a little dry in terms of reading material.

The latter section, accounting for around one quarter of the book, is an interesting and extremely realistic account of various 'recorded attacks' throughout history, dating all the way from 60,000BC to 2002AD. Brooks touches on so many unique situations and strategies to whuch you wish he had devoted more than half or one page tidbits - which is when you close the book and reach over for World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. It can be read as an introduction to the detail and realism that Brooks would perfect in this later work.

Overall, a good addition to any die-hard zombie fan's bookshelf, but not for those looking for either blood & guts type action, or a spoof.