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Sober Is My New Drunk

Sober Is My New Drunk - Paul Carr I wasn't too impressed with this little memoir/self-help short. I found it more an exercise in self-aggrandizement by the author. While it's certainly nice for him that he didn't seem to struggle with his new-found sobriety, it gives very little for the reader to connect with, and instead we're left with a string of anecdotes which simply reinforce an impression of Carr as more popular/talented/lucky than the average person. Even his recollections of experiences with alcohol are presented as 'crazy fun drinking stories!', which I think is very unhelpful for anyone struggling to give up alcohol. I like his call to come up with your own '12 steps' but, as he points out at the end, his steps are not necessarily going to work for anyone else. I'd give this a miss if you're looking for insight into overcoming alcohol problems, but it might work for those who just enjoy memoirs.